What We Do

Our vision is to raise a generation of young people who have the information, skills and confidence to develop safe, fulfilling, equal and enjoyable relationships.

Young people who can cultivate strong, positive and stable relationships have an excellent foundation for achieving their potential, positive self-esteem, good mental and physical health and essentially a happy future. Positive relationships with friends, family and partners can also provide a great support network for young people.

Positive and healthy relationships are something all young people deserve, no matter their age, ethnicity, sexuality or gender. Think For Yourself strives to acknowledge and discuss different outlooks on sex and relationships, whether they’re based on religious, cultural or other beliefs, with respect and openness.


> "72 % of young people want relationship education to help them understand how to build long term lasting relationships as an adult."

The Centre for Social Justice and Family Stability*, December 2017



Schools we’ve worked with in the North East…