About Us

Think For Yourself is a North East-based charity that was set up in 2001 to deliver relationships and sex education workshops to young people. Think For Yourself is part of Blue Sky Trust, a charity that has been supporting people living with HIV since 1992.


> "The session was motivating and reassuring, and the ambience was supportive, caring and comfortable."

Self-Esteem Workshop, Year 8 Pupil, March 2018



Think For Yourself facilitators have up-to-date DBS checks, child and adult safeguarding training and first aid training. They also attend regular training and conferences to ensure their knowledge and skills are continually refreshed.


Ben Oliver - I’m Ben, I’m married with two young girls. I’ve been part of the Think For Yourself team for over seven years, and continue to view this role as an absolute privilege. I love going into each and every classroom not knowing what to expect but having the same goal: to encourage young people in their relationships, and to hear what they have to say. I’m particularly passionate about the role pornography plays in relationships in 2019, and the harm it can cause. I’m determined to help the next generation to think for themselves about what the media and technology are throwing at them and, ultimately, to have safe and satisfying experiences.

Naomi Gray - I’m Naomi, I’m married and have one son. I’ve worked at Think For Yourself for 4 years and I’m particularly passionate about young people thinking about consent as a positive and essential part of a healthy relationship. I’m sex positive, meaning I view relationships and sex as something that should be positive, enjoyable and safe when (and if) an individual decides it’s something they’d like to do.

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Our Ethos

Think For Yourself is a Christian charity. The Christian faith acknowledges the value and uniqueness of every human being regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, creed or sexual orientation. It teaches the importance of love and respect. This ethos is reflected in our values, however, we do not aim to advance the Christian faith within workshops and our primary aim is to help young people to think for themselves. We value:

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The Individual

We respect the diversity of the people we work with and recognise the unique value of every individual, by being welcoming, accepting and attentive to their thoughts, values and opinions.



We care about our work and the people we work with. We are passionate about nurturing wellbeing, raising aspirations, bringing hope and challenging stigma and injustice.



We value the cooperation and input of other partner organisations, institutions and individuals. We collaborate in order to improve health and bring purpose and hope.



We are open and transparent about the way we work as well as acknowledging our limitations. We are trustworthy and honest while maintaining confidentiality.



We seek to facilitate workshops which are safe and of the highest possible quality, underpinned by the latest evidence. We aim to constantly improve through listening, reflection, learning and responding.